Nagasaki University (NU) Membrane Workshop

NU Membrane Workshop aims at providing fundamental and practical knowledge of separation processes using membranes. The NU Membrane Workshop program will help researchers and engineers to build and update their knowledge on the membrane technologies. NU Membrane Workshops will be joined by membrane researchers from the following three research groups through a web conferencing in Sydney, Australia.
Membrane Networking will also be organised along with each NU Membrane Workshop. The NU Membrane Networking is a group set up to help early career researchers including MEng/PhD students to support each other in membrane research and to communicate with experienced professionals from industries and academia.

  • 2nd NU Membrane Workshop, Nagasaki (13 November 2015) - Emerging membrane-based desalination technologies
  • 1st NU Membrane Workshop, Nagasaki (23 July 2015) - Current Practices and Challenges for Water Reuse (Report - Click here)
Join workshops in Australia
Members of SIPWEE (Society of International Promotion for Water Environmental Engineering) and members of the Membrane Society of Australasia in Japan will be entitles to attend workshops in Sydney through web conference that will be set up at Nagasaki University. The workshops in Sydney may be arranged at least twice a year in collaboration with the workshop program of the Membrane Society of Australasia (MSA).