Welcome to the website of the Water Treatment Lab in the Water & Environmental Engineering Program at Nagasaki University.
The Water Treatment Lab focuses on the development of membrane-based water treatment technologies and analytical techniques to produce high-quality and reliable recycled water for Non-Potable and Potable Water Reuse.

Update & News

5th April 2021 (New)
- Our new article "A facile technique for automatically counting odor-producing algae (Pseudanabaena sp.) in drinking water sources" in Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology has been accepted.

16th March 2021 (New)
- Our new article "Degradation of N-nitrosamines and 1,4-dioxane using vacuum ultraviolet irradiation (UV254+185 nm or UV172 nm)" in Chemosphere has been accepted.

20th February 2021 (New)
- Our new article "Fouling behavior and performance of a submerged flat-sheet nanofiltration membrane system for direct treatment of secondary wastewater effluent" in Journal of Water Process Engineering has been accepted.

18th November 2020 (New)
- Our new article "Submerged nanofiltration without pre-treatment for direct advanced drinking water treatment" in Chemosphere has been accepted.

Roles in Journals
Environmental Technology & Innovation / Elsevier
(Associate Editor)
AWWA Water Science
(Associate Editor)

Environmental Science Water Research & Technology / Royal Society of Chemistry
(Editorial Board Member)
Environmental Science & Technology Water / ACS
(Advisory Board Member)