Welcome to the website of the Water Treatment Lab in the Water & Environmental Engineering Program at Nagasaki University.
The Water Treatment Lab focuses on the development of membrane-based water treatment technologies and analytical techniques to produce high-quality and reliable recycled water for Non-Potable and Potable Water Reuse.

Update & News

28th July 2020 (New)
- Our new article "Plugging nonporous polyamide membranes for enhanced rejection of small contaminants during advanced wastewater treatment" in Separation and Purification Technology has been accepted.

17th July 2020 (New)
- Our new article "Pre-treatment of surface waters and wastewater by a hemodiafilter for online bacterial counting" in Environmental Science & Technology Water has been accepted.

29th May 2020 (New)
- Our new article "Biofouling Control of a Forward Osmosis Membrane during Single-pass Pre-concentration of Wastewater" in Chemosphere has been accepted.

4th May 2020 (New)
- Our new article "Controlling Biofouling and Disinfection By-Product Formation During Reverse Osmosis Treatment for Seawater Desalination" in Desalination has been accepted.

15th April 2020
- Our new article "Assessing bacterial infiltration through reverse osmosis membrane" in Environmental Technology & Innovation has been accepted.