Online Chemical Analysis Research

Online NDMA or Bromate Ion Analysis & Surrogate Indicator

Develop online monitoring methods for two disinfection by-products, N-nitrosodimethlyamine (NDMA) and bromate ions, that ensure membrane integrity for the removal of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs).

Key Researcher: A/Prof. Takahiro Fujioka

Novel Online NDMA Analyser

Novel instrument that can provide NDMA concentrations at ppt levels with <1 mL sample volume (Developer: Dr. Kodamatani, Kagoshima Uni., JPN). Online NDMA monitor connected to the RO feed or permeate stream can provides NDMA concentrations every <10 min.

Publication: Environmental Science: Water and Research Technology 2017

NDMA as a surrogate indicator of CECs

NDMA rejection monitored online can be a surrogate indicator for rejection of other micropollutants; H.R. RO mem. works effectively.

Publication: Chemosphere 2018, Environmental Science: Water and Research Technology 2018

Novel Bromate Ion Analyzer

Publication: TBA