Membrane Research

Submerged Nanofiltration without Pre-treatment Processes

Direct nanofiltration with techniques of mitigating membrane fouling enables to provide high-quality water and considerably cut capital & operating costs

Key Researcher:  A/Prof. Takahiro Fujioka

Direct Nanofiltration for Drinking Water 

High water quality and stable system operation of the submerged flat-sheet NF system during direct treatment of surface water.

Publication: Chemosphere 2021

Direct Polymeric Nanofiltration for Water Reuse

Direct NF treatment using a submerged NF module can achieve stable operations and producing high-quality recycled water.

Publication: Journal of Water Process Engineering 2021

Rejection mechanisms

The ability of commercial NF membranes to remove trace organic chemicals, and NH4+, NO2−, and NO3− and the mechanisms underlying their transport through NF membranes has been identified.

Publication: Water Research 2023, Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology 2015

Direct Ceramic Nanofiltration for Water Reuse

A new membrane fouling control technique using ozonated water flushing was evaluated for direct nanofiltration (NF) of secondary wastewater effluent using a ceramic NF membrane.

Publication: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2018, Separation and Purification Technology 2014