Other Research

Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes 

Our Research covers most water and wastewater treatment technologies

Key Researcher:  A/Prof. Takahiro Fujioka

Forward Osmosis for Wastewater Concentrations

Biofouling during a single-pass and high-recovery pre-concentration of primary wastewater effluent can be controlled by maintaining residual chloramine on the membrane surface.

Publication: Environmental Technology & Innovation 2023, Chemosphere 2020, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2018

New Disinfectant for Mitigating Membrane Fouling and Disinfection by-product Formation

Stabilized hypobromite can control NDMA formation and biofouling on RO membranes, which are the keys to successful potable water reuse.

Publication: Chemosphere 2020, Desalination 2020

Natural Coagulant for Mitigating Membrane Fouling

Moringa oleifera coagulation can be employed as an effective and low-cost fouling mitigation technique for the MF process in drinking water treatment .

Publication: Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology 2018

UV and UV-LED Treatment for Disinfection & Chemical Removal

222 nm KrCl or 185 + 254 nm LP-Hg lamps with the addition of H2O2 would be the best alternative to conventional 254 nm LP-Hg lamps for achieving target removal levels of both pathogens and CECs in potable water reuse.

Publication: Chemosphere 2022, Chemosphere 2021, Environmental Technology & Innovation 2020

Membrane distillation for achieving high water recovery

Treating reverse osmosis concentrates with membrane distillation could increase water recovery to 98%

Publication: Chemosphere 2022